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Line Dance Classes Around Australia

With Covid-19 restrictions gradually being relaxed, some face to face classes have resumed. Please contact your teacher or check their website/social media page to see if they have resumed any classes.

Details on online classes can be found on a dedicated online classes page.

Alternatively, just head to youtube and stream your favourite dances, teachers and/or choreographers.

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If you know of a class (whether it's your's or not) that's not included here or any that I have wrong details for,
please don't hesitate to send me the details by email (David Powell) at

South Australia

By it's very nature, a list such as this cannot possibly be complete, nor can it be totally up to date. It is meant as a guide and an attempt to answer one of the most frequent questions I am asked "Is there a class at ...?" by drawing together all the sources for classes and instructors that I have been able to find, by word of mouth, personal contacts, the web and printed sources.

Format: Classes are divided into states and further into regions. Regions are somewhat arbitary on my part but do mostly follow accepted practice - eg: "New England" for Tamworth/Armidale and thereabouts. If you are searching for a particular location, use the search function on your web browser, otherwise search by region & don't forget to check neighbouring regions. Details on class locations and times are given, if I have that information, otherwise only the name of the group and/or instructor and contact details (phone and/or email) are given. If several instructors teach in a given town or suburb, each will have a seperate entry. An instructor who teaches in several towns/suburbs will have an entry for each location, however an instructor with several classes at different venues in the one town/suburb will have only one entry.

Each entry follows the format (note that this class no longer exists):
Cambridge Gardens Bill Monsieur, Electric Linedance. Cambridge Gardens Public School, Trinity Ave. Monday, 7:30-10:30pm, adv. Contact: email. 1/2005

The first column lists the town or suburb. The second lists the instructor, group, class details and contact details, where known. The third column indicates how recent the information is. If I have not gotten a reply from the listed contact for updated details, I so note it and this suggests the instructor may no longer be teaching. Please keep in mind that this is a guide only and that classes may be changed or cancelled at any time, so you should attempt to contact either the teacher, contact person or the venue to confirm in advance.

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